I was interviewed by Eleni Alexiou on OCN’s website about Family Life Ministry’s book Woven.  I appreciated the chance to discuss why we wrote Woven,  how we hope it will impact girls, and ways Woven can be used by churches and families. You can listen to our interview here.

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to remind everyone about this unique resource for teen girls. Although it’s designed to be used in small group settings, Woven is also a lovely resource for individual girls to read on their own or with their mother. Woven would be a great graduation present because it’s vivid watercolor colors and fun illustrations are attractive, while the substance of the writing is Orthodox, Christ-centered, and relevant for today’s girls whether they are entering high school or college.

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Woven is designed to be interactive. By incorporating skits, fun quizzes,  journaling, and even craft projects, concepts are expanded beyond just reading the book. A free 30-page teacher’s guide is available to download on our website: https://www.woveninhislove.org/


We’ve been surprised to find out that it’s also not just for teens because Woven addresses issues which so many of us are still wrangling with– issues that often just surface in our teen years such as anxiety, interacting with friends in healthy ways, establishing an honest identity and healthy boundaries on social media, and finding our deepest identity in Christ, not in what the world tells us we are. We’ve discovered that young adult women, and not so young adult women, are also appreciating Woven.

Many people have asked us, when will we write a  book like Woven for boys? A  companion book for boys has been written by a pair of young men at Family Life Ministry and will be available next year!



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