What’s New with the Journey of Marriage

One of Family Life Ministry’s most successful programs is the “Journey of Marriage: Pre-Marital Seminar Series”. This event is now required for all couples wishing to have their marriage blessed in the Metropolis of Atlanta.


The seminar takes place over the course of a single Saturday, during which a trained facilitator guides couples through a series of activities that help them:

  • Discover God’s purpose for marriage
  • Learn how to work toward oneness
  • Avoid the pitfalls that lead couples toward divorce
  • Establish good patterns for relating to one another
  • Get to know more about each other



The success of the program is due in no small part to the leadership of Fr. Gregory Georgiou, the many facilitators who so generously give of their time and talent to help guide couples through the seminar, and the communities who graciously host couples from throughout the Metropolis. To all of them we say, thank you!

We submit for you an unsolicited testimonial from an attendee couple at one of our most recent seminars:

“We enjoyed the seminar very much.  We have talked many times since that Saturday about how wonderful the class and the whole experience was.  We are extremely thankful the Church offers such a seminar and we were able to attend.”

If you would like more information on the Journey of Marriage, please be sure to visit its page, as well as the Upcoming Events page.

If you have any questions, comments, or if you are interested in becoming a trained facilitator, please email us at flmpremarital@gmail.com.

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