Tea Talk Traditions


There is something to say about taking a break in the hurry of your day and finding a gentle place to sip a bit of tea or a warm cup of coffee especially with a friend.


The memory of my Yia-Yia Sophia (my grandmother) and her best friend Athena whispering over a cup of Greek coffee mid-day is as vivid today as it was many decades ago!

I remember how as a young girl I looked forward to that hour as much as my grandmother did.  I wondered what was behind the tears they shed together or the deep belly laughs that seemed to come out of nowhere! It was their sacred time to focus and share their dreams, their worries, their struggles and their joy with each other. The Lord was so much a part of who my Yia-Yia was that He must have been a part of this mid-day tradition too because it seemed to be so healing for both of them.

So, reach out for your favorite cup and join us for this new series Tea Talk Traditions for creative, inspirational stories from other sisters in Christ that will be a gift you give yourself like a good friend.

My Yia-Yia Sophia and her best friend Athena are with the Lord now, I wonder if there is good greek coffee in heaven?

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