Sunday Lunch: Can I Tell You A Story?

Greetings! I want to tell you a story. A few days ago, Fr. George invited me and my family and friends at St. Christopher Church to join him for a fun and Spirit-filled day of Bible lessons, crafts, activities, games, lunch, snacks, music, and fellowship.

Fr. George reminded us that we are God’s children and part of His Church – the Family of Faith – passed down through the ages. God loves us. He wants us to stay close to Him. We learned how children and adults togethercan grow closer to Jesus Christ. We had so much fun! When I grow up, I want God to be the builder of my house. I thank Presbytera Marinda, Katie Wilson, Ethel Gjerde, and Fr. George for helping me. I thank God for my parents, family, and friends who love and teach me. God cares about us. He wants us to show love and appreciation to each other. He helps us to be slow to get angry and quick to forgive. Fr. George helped me share the following pictures and lessons from our 2018 Family Vacation Church School.

Always remember: God Loves You!


God created us and our world… He wants us to take care of each other and keep the earth clean and safe for living.


God cares about our families… We learned how Jesus helped Jairus and his little girl. Like them, family members depend on each other. God wants us to show love and appreciation to each member of our family.

God always remembers us – on earth and in Heaven. Before lunch, we learned how to make Kolyva. This spiritual food reminds us of God’s promise that we can live forever with Him.


God wants us to obey Him. We learned how the Prophet Jonah struggled to obey God. We discussed difficulties in life. God never gives up on us. We committed to obeying Him and helping others come to Him.


God wants us to be kind and loving. Those who are caring to others are God’s everyday heroes. He blesses us in surprising ways when we share His love and mercy with others.


Acts of kindness done in the Name of Jesus Christ are the building blocks of the Kingdom of God. No one has to wait to be old enough to participate.

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