Spring into a Good Book: When God Made You

When God Made You, written by Jane G. Meyer and illustrated by Megan Elizabeth Gilbert (Ancient Faith Publishing, 2016) is a sweet and poetic look at the spiritual gifts and talents God created each of us with so we can each serve Him in uniquely beautiful ways.

Various children from around the world are shown in their cultural settings as being created with the breath of God to be something, do something, and to care for something in their own uniquely beautiful way.

The colorful illustrations and fanciful descriptive phrases used to tell about each child create an aura of fairytales and wonder. Children will want to hear this over and over and most especially will want to know what special talents and gifts they were created with so be ready!

I’d tell my child that God unfolds these gifts and wonders within us throughout our lives, that these things are a mystery to us only to be understood in heaven, but then knowing they don’t like that answer, I’d have to mercifully add that they were made from stardust and cupcakes, stuck together with sweet angel kisses or perhaps dragon breath…. depending on which child.

This is a lovely book to use to help children understand that they are uniquely understood by God, created by Him to be and do wonderful things and that each of them has a unique place in the body of Christ.

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