Social Faith: Our Orthodox Stories Rooftop Dinner (10/1/15)

Today’s guest post is written by Mr. John Tiliacos, a member of the Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church in Marietta, Georgia. Currently, Mr. Tiliacos is the Owner/Kitchen Manager of his family’s restaurant, “Come-N-Get It”, in Marietta.

I really enjoyed the discussion that the Social Faith program had on October 1st, which brought lots of Orthodox people together.


It was great to see not just Greek Orthodox Christians but also others like Eritrean and Coptic Orthodox as well. We discussed how culture can play a positive role in our lives, yet also how it causes differences between us.


I think everyone there all felt that in the end, culture shouldn’t separate us, as we all consider one another to be Orthodox Christians.

I pray that our churches can find a way to get together so that we can honor each other’s sacraments without struggle.


Father Paul Lundberg (Holy Transfiguration, Marietta, GA) co-creator of Social Faith

The only way this can truly happen is through a push by us, the members of these communities, showing the leadership how important we feel unity between our communities to be.

For more information on how to host your own parish Social Faith events (materials, topic outlines), see our page HERE.

For information on Social Faith sessions in the immediate Atlanta area, check our Facebook page HERE

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