Social Faith (3/19/15): Fun, Pleasure & Faith

After the busy times of the holidays and the beginning of Great Lent, Social Faith returned in fine form last night.


Last night’s event at the Annunciation Cathedral in Atlanta was an intimate, yet very thought-provoking discussion about the things we find enjoyable in our lives; our culture’s focus on pleasure; and how we might explain the ascetic practices of the church to others who might misinterpret them as being against pleasure.

The new question cards!

The new question cards!

Our next event in scheduled for late-April, and we plan to post more topic outlines soon after we complete the initial four.

As always if your parish is interested in hosting a Social Faith session, all the needed materials are available under the Social Faith tabAll you need to do is print and go!

If you have any feedback regarding sessions, please feel free to email us at

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