Marriage Enrichment Workshops

Marriage Enrichment Seminars

By Paula Marchman, MA, LAPC

If you could change one thing today to make your marriage healthier, would you choose to do so?

Concentrating on your marriage is the first step: Take the time to come together to be-come aware of the family dynamics, the patterns in your relation-ship that are working for both of you and those that are destructive to God’s plan for your marriage and family.

What would it mean to your marriage if you dedicated one Saturday to focus totally on your spouse and your relationship? Here is your opportunity to stop and take a fresh look at your marriage and discover healthier ways to communicate with each other. Time to explore and deepen the joy of relationship and connection whether you have been married for one day or a lifetime! Couples who are preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage are also welcome.

Scheduled and conducted on a Saturday in the local Parish, our Marriage Enrichment Sessions bring together professionally trained and licensed Orthodox Christian psychologists and psychotherapists under the supervision of Clergy to teach and facilitate.

Areas that are discussed and focused on include:

  1. Building Trust and Opportunities for Healthy Connection with the spouse that God has given you.
  2. To love and accept another human being we must be willing to look within ourselves, what makes us unique so that we can also value the divine uniqueness in our spouse.
  3. Working on patterns of increasing creative communication skills and decreasing defensiveness.
  4. Close relationships are very important to our emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. When we increase awareness and insight into our patterns and cycles in relationship and explore conflict resolution skills we promote personal growth and transformation in our      marriages.
  5. We will learn important tasks like listening, validating, empathy, assertiveness, collaboration and working together to communicate effectively and solve conflicts in our relationships. Conflict in our marriages gives us an opportunity for growth and healing.
  6. Understanding our stories and how they influence who we are and why we think, feel,      behave, and relate the way we do assists us on the road to healthier relationships with God, ourselves and others.
  7. Recognizing your defense mechanisms and how their purpose in your relationships.
  8. Poor communication skills could be causing additional stress in your life. We will gain understanding in the differences between passive, assertive and aggressive behaviors when expressing our needs to others. We will explore how to express our needs in ways that respect the other person and adequately communicate our feelings and needs.
  9. Nurturing fondness, romance and intimacy in our marriages is critical for healthy      relationships and appreciating the differences in our spouses. John Gottman, Expert Marriage Psychologist for over 30 years states that happily married couples behave like good friends. Their relationship is characterized by respect, affection, and empathy. They pay close attention to what’s happening in each other’s life and feel emotionally connected. Happily married couples handle their conflicts in gentle, positive ways. Therefore, a continuous commitment to      your marriage and daily practice is of critical importance.

These sessions are interactive, dynamic and informative with a unique format that effectively helps the participant experience and process the material. Education is an important part of becoming healthier. Articles and relational “tools” are distributed during the seminar(s) to assist in this process. Our marriage seminars are presented in a non-threatening and non-disclosing way that is meant to provide enrichment and awareness in strengthening and maintaining healthy marriages.


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