Reframing your physical and mental space

I love my husband. He gets me.  Even more than that (if you can imagine), he enables my need to re-arrange, to do what I call “season-izing” our home, together. In this instance he allows himself to be my accomplice. I think that this desire to move things around in our little fishbowl when the season changes is a feminine instinct .

Is dusting under that sofa the driving need, or is just to see our space in a different light? When the season changes, didn’t our ancestors  bring out different rugs, blankets and clothes to adapt to the change in the weather?

In me it’s the drive to see things differently, what in counseling we call “reframing”: to see another perspective besides the one we are stuck in. In sessions I call this “going to the balcony” and looking into the situation with a different viewpoint, a different perspective. This is healthy behavior after all, to allow ourselves to “open up to possibilities,” to make room for change.

After the summer with all its details and memories, I want… no, I need not only change up the furniture for Fall; not only to put away and simplify my house, but to also my mind to possibilities.

To make room for new thoughts, for gratefulness of not only the past but the present, and to embrace hope and plans for the future.  (Someone say AMEN!)

So all you females out there, put your hair up and “reframe” your space. Start with your fishbowl, then get a cup of tea, curl up in your favorite place, look around, and open up your heart in thankfulness to the possibilities!

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