Reflections from last weekend’s “The Blessing of Family Retreat”

Below are testimonials from those who attended FLM’s “The Blessing of Family” Spring Retreat last weekend at the Diakonia Retreat Center…


“Our family has had a very hectic couple of months, so it was so wonderful to have the peaceful caring environment of the Diakonia Center and the opportunity to reconnect and appreciate each other’s company and uniqueness. We also loved meeting the other families and making new friends.”

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“The Family Retreat was a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow Orthodox families from around the Metropolis for worship and fellowship. The discussions surrounding family relationships and communication were especially enlightening. The professional and spiritual advice we were given has already been put to use. The parents engaged in open discussions while the children, separately, were engaged in learning activities that helped them better understand their faith and beliefs. The Diakonia Retreat Center was the perfect venue for the weekend’s activities. This beautiful, lakefront mountain retreat was the perfect place to relax and engage in family activities such as fishing, canoeing and hiking.  Our deep appreciation goes out to Tom and Paula, Father Anthony and Presbytera Christine. Father Gregory and Edna. A special thanks to Nick who coordinated the weekend. We are looking forward to future family retreats.” 

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“Our family enjoyed our time at the Spring 2015 Family Retreat at the Diakonia Center. It allowed us to take a break from our busy lives and take in additional knowledge to be better parents, as well as to enjoy all of God’s good gifts in nature. It was relaxing, insightful and offered good family fun.

Paula, our facilitator, did a great job of using her knowledge as a counselor to really dig deep and ask good questions that inspired thoughtful conversation. Her insight offered suggestions on topics like parenting: how our children view themselves to us as parents; great conversations evolved. Our kids got to work together on a project with each child having a “disability”, which is a good reminder to have empathy; and an even better lesson showing the importance of working together with the strengths you can offer—verses focusing on your disability. We all had the opportunity to meet new people and further existing friendships. As an added bonus, if your family is considering St. Stephen’s summer camp for your children, it’s a great sneak peak of all the resources available and the fun waiting to be had.”


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 “We came. We saw.
We laughed. We cried.
We envisioned. We drew.
We prayed. We ate.
We bonded. God conquered.”


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