Raising the Orthodox Family: Meeting Physical Needs

We are pleased offer the next installment in Presbytera Roxanne Louh’s column on improving inter-family relationships. 

Physical needs are as important as emotional needs.

In young children, this is almost always a precursor to acting out behavior. But, even in adolescents, we see how strong of a role sleep and nutrition play in emotional regulation.

Teach your kids the value of regular and consistent, healthy nutrition, good sleep, and exercise. Help them understand the connection between their mood and their bodies physical needs, like when they lose sleep or wait too long to eat, we can end up feeling “grouchy.” God really did equip our bodies with everything they needed to function at their optimal best.

Studies have shown that consistent lack of sleep can actually mimic signs of clinical depression in otherwise healthy individuals. Exercise regulates the release of “feel good” chemicals in our brain while helping to serve as a release for toxic anger.  In our house, we call this value “self-regulating.” Tuning into your physical body to find out what it needs from you, can make such a difference in how we feel, which ultimately makes a difference in our ability to succeed at this life.

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