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We believe that the greatest act of love the Church can offer its young adults is to support the formation of personal relationships, and to facilitate conversations about meaningful topics.

Family Life Ministry has developed a new monthly fellowship and discussion program for post-collegiate adults entitled, Social Faith. Topics include: Freedom & Faith, Work (or School) and many more.

  • The meetings begin with an introduction by the facilitator, who is generally a member of the clergy.
  • Participants then go to one of the tables set up around the room. Each table is devoted to a specific sub-question related to that evening’s topic.
  • Each table has 7-9 minutes to talk about the topic, as one person takes notes. At the end of each round, participants are directed to go to other tables, where new combinations of participants will discuss each table’s question.
  • After an hour of discussion, the evening concludes with a wrap-up session led by the facilitator, using the notes at each table for theological reflection.

Here you can download PDFs of the outline on how to host a Social Faith session, as well as the first six Social Faith sessions:

  1. Freedom & Faith
  2. Work (or School) & Faith
  3. Fun, Pleasure & Faith
  4. Money & Faith
  5. Culture & Faith
  6. Test the Spirits (Halloween and Faith)

Handouts to advertise the program can be found HERE

Editable fliers for parishes to customize can be downloaded as a Word Document HERE


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