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This section has been created as database for local parishes to come together and share their resources. If you have an activity for JOY, a discussion topic for GOYA, or anything you’d like other parishes to see, let us know by emailing us at and we’ll host it here.

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Pentecost Olympics (Activities can be done one on one, or in stations, depending on number of kids and advisors)

  • Blind candle blowoutTwo players are blindfolded and placed across from one another, each holding a burning candle. Each player tries to blow out his opponent’s candles. A teammate can coach the player as to in which direction he must blow.
  • Candle out: A player stands on a bench or chair. There is a burning candle on the floor. A long string is tied to the player’s waistband, with a cork tied to the other end. The cork should now be hanging approx. 40-50 cm above the candle. On the signal the player hocks down and tries to put the candle out with the cork. The game can end in a few seconds or it might take 1-2 minutes. The game can be hard on the knees.


The Apostles Fast [Fisherman’s Fast] (Activities can be done one on one, or in stations, depending on number of kids and advisors)


  • Randomly form two teams. Teams should sit next to teammates forming a semi-circle (and a complete circle with both teams).
  • One team begins. The first person draws a name from the bucket and tries to get teammates to guess what it is (see rules below). If guessed correctly, the person takes the paper out of the bucket and passes the bucket to the next person. The more correct guesses, the more points a team gets.
  • After one minute, the other team gets to do the same. Following that, it goes back to the first team and the two teams alternate until all of the papers are gone from the bucket.
  • These small sessions are a part of larger rounds. A round is defined as the time from a full bucket to an empty bucket. There are three total rounds, and each round has unique rules for guessing what’s on the paper.
    • Round 1: Player may say everything but the name on the piece of paper.
    • Round 2: Player may act out anything but may not say a word.
    • Round 3: Player may only say one word. Nothing more. No actions allowed.

At the end of round 3, whichever team has won more names throughout all 3 rounds is the game winner.

Fish Sack Race

  • Pick teams randomly and play two variations on the sack race: a “hopping” version and a “3-legged” version.

Blow the Fish

  • Lay paper fishes on the floor.
  • The object is to blow as many as possible into the “water”, a zone marked out on the ground.

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