Start the Conversation: A Video and Discussion Series for Parents


On a beautiful fall day, Family Life Ministry gathered a diverse group of parents together: from a stay-at-home father, to working professional mothers, to adoptive parents, each of them discussed how they raise children in an Orthodox environment.

Using the topics, we have created downloadable worksheets so that the six videos (6-9 minutes each) can be viewed and then discussed in a group setting.

A single discussion of all six topics can take place in as little 2 hours, with 10-minute breaks between each video for discussion. The easily divided portions mean that you can gather together during HOPE and JOY meetings, or Greek Dance practice in a spirit of fellowship and fun.

  • All six videos have been made public and can be watched at FLM’s official YouTube channel.
  • All six worksheets can be downloaded and printed HERE
  • An advertisement for the series is available to download and print HERE.
  • And a feedback evaluation form can be found HERE. (Please share the form by emailing us at or

We would like thank Joshua Boyd, Edna King, Mimi Scaljion and Presbytera Marilisse Mars for their participation and taking the time to share their insightful perspectives.

It is our sincere hope that you will find this interactive resource enlightening and fun, and that you will take the gentle and loving themes discussed into your own homes.

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