Paul, Apostle of Christ

During Lent, I was eagerly anticipating watching a movie. That doesn’t sound very good, but this isn’t an ordinary movie. It stars one of my favorite actors, Jim Caviezel, and is about Saint Paul. It turned out I had to wait longer than I expected. A few days before the[…} Read more….


Janette was her name.   And when I met her, the very first words she said were, “Isaiah 58: 6  – 8.” “And tell me about that,” I said looking straight into her kind eyes. At that prompt, she recited from memory these verses: “Is not this the kind of fasting I[…} Read more….


Recently, I was interviewed by Eleni Alexiou on OCN’s website about Family Life Ministry’s book Woven.  I appreciated the chance to discuss why we wrote Woven,  how we hope it will impact girls, and ways Woven can be used by churches and families. You can listen to our interview here:
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Remembering our First Love!

In 2013, Nigel was lured to an island called Mana in New Zealand by scientists who wanted to start a gannet population. Nigel was a gannet, and a beautiful one at that; but unfortunately none of his kind followed him there. The scientists had set up cement decoys on cliffs[…} Read more….