Orthodox Links: Coffee with Sister Vassa: St. John the Baptist

I just had coffee with a nun in Vienna. Jealous much?

OK, so I didn’t really even have to leave my house for this adventure; I just watched Coffee with Sister Vassa! Sister Vassa (actually Sister Dr. Vassa), is a nun who grew up in New York, and now lives and teaches in Austria, from where she hosts a weekly, 10 minute You-Tube program. Beginning this week we will be linking to Coffee with Sister Vassa here at FLM!

The program is lively, witty, and inspiring, and each week, I’ll provide a brief synopsis of the episode for you.

This week, Sister Vassa speaks about Saint John the Baptist. Using beautiful icons and historic Christian art to illustrate her talk, she briefly discusses Saint John’s ministry describing how even though he lived an isolated life in the desert, multitudes of people loved and respected him. He had many devoted followers, but when Jesus came him to be baptized,  St. John exalted Christ and humbled himself. Sister Vassa’s take home message for us is that when we are engaging in mentoring or teaching others, we must step out of the spotlight gracefully; we should intentionally shine the light on Christ, not on ourselves, just as St. John did.

Here you can enjoy a visit with Sister Vassa  and find out on which day of the week we always celebrate Saint John the Baptist:


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