Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry: Not Alone on Christmas Day

Christmas Day!!! Just those word alone bring to mind so many great memories for most people: Divine Liturgy that morning or perhaps the night before, celebrating the Birth of our Savior; the mystery of presents that appeared under the tree, and the smiles as those packages were being opened; the smell of Christmas dinner and the joys of family being together…precious memories that can warm your heart.

For me, the memories of Christmas Day are a bit different. For almost 26 years, our family would awaken at 5:00 a.m. to see our children open their presents. I would leave the house by 7:00 a.m. to spend the day with the men in prison. Over my many years of being a prison chaplain, it was our policy for chaplains to be in the institution on Christmas Day.

Christmas is truly the most difficult time of the year for men and women living inside the prisons of this country. Their memories of Christmas Day can be a source of depression as they miss their families and friends. As a Chaplain, I wanted to bring them as much joy and peace as I possibly could bring…through my presence and through my words.

Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry has the same exact goals in mind for the men and women in prison: We want to bring them as much joy and peace as we possibly can bring in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Would you prayerfully consider helping us with these goals? Your donation will help OCPM provide an Icon, a prayer book, a devotional book, a study book, an Orthodox Study Bible, a correspondence course, and even a Nativity card.

All of these items that OCPM has available are always sent totally free of any cost to the men and women in prison. We also provide free of any costs books and Bibles to the Chapel Libraries and we assist clergy and laity with their ministries inside those walls. Your gifts make this possible.

Please remember those in prisons and jails across our country with your gift that will keep on giving through the year. In doing so, you will be visiting Jesus in prison (Matthew 25:36). through your partnership with OCPM. Please be an active part of this wonderful ministry.

In anticipation of the Holy Nativity: Christ is Born! Glorify Him!!

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