One Good Thought: Winter is Fierce



Winter is fierce, but Paradise is sweet.
+Saint Maiximus of Moscow,   Fool for Christ

We suffer in the coldness of our winters, the times in our lives when everything seems dead and bleak, and sometimes it seems like these hardships will last forever. The good news is that they won’t. No matter what challenges or heartbreak we face- they have an end.

In Corinthians 2 16-18, we’re reminded that the world around us will not last forever. We have afflictions in this life, but they are temporary.

In contrast, God’s love and our life with Him is forever. If we keep our eyes on Him, we become confident that each day we’re moving closer to heaven. Paradise is our real home, our real life.

Lord, help me to see that my problems, even the big ones, are temporary and that through them You are preparing me for sweet Paradise with You.

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