One Good Thought: The Wreath and the Cross

“God sent His only-begotten Son to earth for you and for your salvation, for He has seen you and destined you to be his brother and co-heir.”
+ Saint Symeon

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year; truly a wonderful time, even for those who are not feeling festive, because it’s the celebration of a portentous event: the moment God became one of us out of love for each of us.

How astounding it is that God would love us that much–that He saw each of us, and loved us with a personal love deep enough to become one of us and give Himself for us.

When I looked back at photos of my recent visit to Williamsburg, I was struck by the cross in this photo of Christmas wreaths. Christmas seems like a happy time–like celebrating a birthday–but the cross is part of it too.

I feel that in my own heart because even while I’m having fun with my family, there are so many people I’m missing (especially my sweet daughter who died six years ago), that every celebration is mixed with sadness and a poignant sense of loss.

Maybe some sadness at Christmas has a purpose because it reminds me we’re celebrating not just the birth of Christ, but His death on the cross, when He conquered death for all of us. Christmas is a time to joyously celebrate the whole meaning of Christ’s ministry–birth, life, death and resurrection–and how this precious baby brought hope to each of us, because He saw us, loved us, and destined us to be His brothers.

Lord, thank you for Your love for us and help my heart to open to You with thankful love and abiding hope as I celebrate Your birth.

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