One Good Thought: The Seeds of Thoughts

“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him.”
(Matthew 12:35)

Loving, Christ-centered thoughts grow inside our hearts and eventually bloom into our words and actions. Good thoughts become kind words. Good thoughts deepen our relationship with God, help us develop a healthy sense of who we are, and promote loving actions towards others.

Like weeds, negative or unkind thoughts appear effortlessly in our minds and spread to our hearts. When we spend time thinking negative thoughts, indulging in harsh self-talk, or being overly critical of others, those thoughts eventually reveal themselves in our outward lives (often when we’d much rather hide them). Ugly thoughts become hurtful words, distance us from God, and cause negative patterns of self-talk and behavior that hold us back from good things. Meanwhile, we blame our circumstances or other people without ever realizing we choose much of this by not nipping our own bad thoughts when they first appeared.

We have to care for our thoughts like a good gardener.

We can do this by being watchful of our thoughts. We filter out negative thoughts by praying, staying busy with good tasks, or purposefully rejecting them and focusing on something else when harmful thoughts crop up. Confession helps us control negative thoughts by helping us become more aware that we’re battling them and opening up our hearts for God to help us.

Many seeds of thought will blow into our minds; with God’s help, we choose which ones to cultivate and which ones to pull out.

Lord, help me to reflect Your love to others.

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