One Good Thought: The Little Forest Animals

“We were created to live on earth unlike animals who die and disappear with time, but with the high purpose to live with God not for a hundred years or so but for eternity”.
+ St. Innocent of Alaska,

I gently uncurled my fingers and held my palm up so this chunky greedy raccoon could grab a grape. He too was gentle, carefully not clawing me with his scary looking sharp black nails as he snatched one grape at a time from the cool purple bunch in my hand.

I remember my mother complaining about raccoons when I was a child, but watching my little friend chew his little grape and tilt his head back in pure delight as he swallowed,   I felt differently towards him than my mother did when his very distant relative got into our trash and made such a mess so long ago.

A well fed and somewhat domesticated forest creature, like my raccoon friend, can have endearing ways which helps us feel a connection, almost a sense of brotherhood. They seem a bit like mischievous children.

How much more of a link do we have with our Creator, who designed us in His image to be with him, to be joyfully with him, for eternity?

Thank you Lord for the playfulness and sparkle You created within the small forest animals. Help me to learn from their simple ways that I can let go of my burdens and remember the eternal joy You have created me for.

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