One Good Thought: The Dragon of Sin

St George

We must consider all evil things, even the passions which war against us, to be not our own, but of our enemy the devil. This is very important. You can only conquer a passion when you do not consider it as part of you.  
+ St. Nikon of Optina

Do you ever feel that you are defined by your sins? It’s common to feel that way sometimes, but that is not who you are.

You are a beloved child of God who sometimes messes up, just like the rest of us. Don’t let your passions, even those that are so deep inside you that they feel like part of you, define who you are. Those passions are part of the struggle, they’re not you. They’re outside of you.

You are an eternal being, lovingly created to become like God and to be with God.

Lord, help me to see myself through Your loving eyes and to fight the evil dragon of sin.

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