One Good Thought: Sitting at Table


“As thou takest thy seat at table, pray. As thou liftest the loaf, offer thanks to the Giver. When thou sustainest thy bodily weakness with wine, remember Him Who supplies thee with this gift, to make thy heart glad and to comfort thy infirmity. Has thy need for taking food passed away? Let not the thought of thy Benefactor pass away too. ”
+Saint Basil the Great (Homily V. In martyrem Julittam)

This Thanksgiving, celebrate with the wise words of Saint Basil.

  • When we gather at our tables, we pray.
  • As we celebrate, we remember that God supplies these blessing for our comfort and joy
  • After our feast, we still think of and thank God for His generosity to us

Lord, thank you for our many blessings and help us to remember that they all flow from your loving hand.

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