One Good Thought: Pay Attention Carefully

Pay attention carefully. After the sin comes the shame; courage follows repentance. Did you pay attention to what I said? Satan upsets the order; he gives the courage to sin and the shame to repentance.
+ St. John Chrysostom

Is this something you’ve experienced? So often we have the courage or rather the boldness to do something wrong even when we know in our heart that the sin we’re committing is likely to cause trouble for us.

Later, we admit to ourselves that we’ve done wrong and start to repent, but then feel shame-a sense that we are wrong (a bad person) instead of guilt which is realizing we’ve done something wrong. Guilt prods us to repent, shame gets in the way of both repentance and healing.

Lord, help me see my sins as things I’ve done, not as who I am. Help me to know that I am Your beloved child and Your mercy endures forever.

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