One Good Thought: Goals and Struggles

My son, if you draw near to serve the Lord,
Prepare your heart for temptation.
Set your heart right and be steadfast,
And do not strive anxiously in distress,
Cleave to Him and do not fall away,
That you may be honored at the end of your life.
Wisdom of Sirach (2:1-3)

 As the New Year approaches, it’s a good time to reflect upon the last year. Did I accomplish the things I set for myself? Have I grown kinder, wiser, more loving? What should my new goals be for 2017?

While setting goals, it’s a good idea to remember that obstacles and temptations will arise whether it’s a spiritual goal, aspiring to work out daily, or simply a goal for improving our lives in some other way. Struggle is our lot, and there can be joy in that struggle if we approach our challenge with courage, knowing it’s a normal part of any worthwhile accomplishment.

If we set a spiritual goal, part of that struggle is to keep close to God and trust Him to care for us. We exert ourselves while knowing He does the real work.

Lord, help me set good goals this year as I seek to serve You in my life. Help me to trust in Your care when problems arise and to rest in Your peace while doing what is in front of me.

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