One Good Thought: Fighting Sloth

As a door turns on its hinge, so does a slothful man on his bed.
Proverbs 26:1

Sloth seems so small and inconsequential at the time. It sneaks up on us in those little extra moments of sleep, slacking off here and there, or maybe skipping doing something today that we ought to do, but habitual sloth robs us of accomplishments which bring greater joy to our lives than a little extra snoozing after the alarm goes off.

Major disruptions and daily inconveniences can be caused by sloth. You don’t feel like getting up just then and so you don’t, but then when you do get up, you have to rush, people are out of sorts, things are forgotten or left undone, and momma has stopped using her sweet voice.

Getting up and starting the day on a positive note helps promote happiness, increase productivity, and reduce stress. What would that look like for you? Maybe you could get up promptly, say your prayers, and read a short scripture. Enjoy a nice breakfast. Make a plan for yourself and try it for one week. See if getting up and having a pleasant start helps the rest of your day.

Lord, help me to balance when to rest and when to get moving so I don’t fall into slothful habits.

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