One Good Thought: Fear, the Good Motivator

“The fetid sea, which lies between us and the noetic paradise, we may cross by the boat of repentance, whose oarsmen are those of fear. ….Repentance is the ship and fear is the pilot; love is the divine haven.”
+St. Isaac the Syrian

When courage fails us, fear might be a good motivator.

When we get caught up in situations that quickly move from bad to worse and suddenly we’re in much bigger trouble than we bargained for, then fear might be what we need to get us to act.

Fear might motivate us to exert ourselves to fix the situation or get away from it. We can use our own fear to give us the energy we need to make big changes: to repent and move us back to the paradise of safety in God’s kingdom.

How can your fears help you get out of trouble and back to God’s mercy? Will you stay afraid if you choose to trust God?

Lord, help me to use my fears to run to You and find a safe haven. I know Your love is perfect and that perfect love will cast out my fears as I trust in You.

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