One Good Thought: Weekly Family Devotionals (Number 1)

FLM is pleased to introduce our newest series, excerpts of daily devotionals which are being prepared for future publication in a book. Each daily devotional centers around a quote from scripture or a saying of the Church Fathers, with further thoughts for spiritual reflection or activities. The devotionals are powerful yet simple; perfect for a reflective dinner, or evening discussion with your family.

Our draft of the project has even had an impact on those who have been asked to give feedback. One person writes that reading the devotionals to her family brought them much closer together.

With this in mind, we hope you appreciate the work, and that you feel the Holy Spirit working through you, as you and your family consider these devotionals.


When your children are still small, you have to help them understand what is good. That is the +deepest meaning of life.
+ Elder Paisios

Understanding what is good seem like such a simple things, yet so often we desire things that are not good, things that will end up hurting us and confusing us.

What is the most good? God is good. All goodness flows from His loving hand

We all struggle with bad thoughts, but if we start by choosing one good thought each day, those good thought will bring healing, a little at a time.

Lord, You alone are good, help me to hold one good thought today in my heart.


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