One Good Thought: Cultivate Prayer

c) Edna King, 2016

c) Edna King, 2016

“…he who loves God cultivates pure prayer, driving out every passion that keeps him from it.”
+St. Maximos the Confessor

We love God, but spending time praying is a challenge for most of us maybe because we feel like we lack the time or that we’re afraid of getting truly close to Him.

We can find the time. Studies show that over a lifetime, people spend an average of six months waiting in line. Pray in line. Pray during quiet tasks. Have a prayer rule.

What about that fear of being close and finding out God wants us to do something we don’t think we can? God loves us just as we are, today.

If we trust Him and love Him, then getting close to Him is the purpose of our lives. Spending quiet time reading the Bible and praying contemplatively will help us get to know Him better. Keeping a prayer journal helps us see His love for us over the years of our lives.

Lord, help me to spend more time praying and being quiet so my heart can open to You.

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