One Good Thought: Being Bright in a Mundane World

“The devil began to reflect that man was an inferior creature, yet had hopes of an eternal life whereas he, a creature of superior nature, had fallen and become part of this mundane existence.” + Saint Ambrose

In his book Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis describes the devil as evil, deeply evil, but evil in a tired bureaucratic way; sort of yawning while ticking off a checklist of petty socially expected sins that accumulate in our lives. These “little” sins may not seem quite bad enough to drive us to confession so they get a bit worse over time, gently sliding us into mediocrity or worse.

Then there are those brief moments when we see this and briefly rouse ourselves. We yearn for so much more and feel like we’re meant for “something more” because we are. We were created to love and be loved by God. We’re meant to shine in the dreary everyday darkness that is around us, in simplicity, unable to see it ourselves because it’s Christ shining through us.

Lord, sometimes the ordinary trials of this life wear me down and I forget that you have given me hope of eternal life with you. Help me to remember your love and the glory ahead when I feel discouraged.

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