One Good Thought: All the Other Problems

Everything is for man to love Christ and all the other problems are taken care of.
+Elder Porphyrios

The shore bird strutted through the sand castle like it was considering moving in. It wasn’t worried about elections, debts, responsibilities, or anything else.

For many, the beach is a place where everyday problems fade and a kind of peace washes over us like the waves.

Like the shorebird in its little castle, a life of sunshine, no responsibilities, and endlessly changing waves to keep it interesting.

If we love Christ, Elder Porphyrios says all other problems are taken care of.

They’re taken care of, and they exist only in this time- our lifetime here.

Our problems are as temporary as sand castles in the scope of eternity, but Christ’s love will last longer than the sea will exist- we just get that backwards so often when our problems seem so overwhelming.

When we feel that way, our love for Christ and His love for us is soothing, changing our perspective even if our location is still stuck in place.

Lord, help me to love You, deeply in my heart, to long for You and to be real with You. Help me to remember Your love and mercy for me and to love You with all that I am. Thank you.


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