One Good Thought: A Faithful Friend

“A faithful friend is a strong shelter.
And he who finds one finds a treasure.
There is nothing that can take the place of a faithful friend,
And no way to measure his worth.”
(Wisdom of Sirach 6:14-15)

A faithful friend is a treasure worth finding, but how do we find someone like that, especially if we’re shy?

Take mom’s advice: “to have a friend you have to be a friend”. Here are some ideas to get you started on your quest to be a great friend:

  • Be a friend to people you don’t know. Send cards or a sweet note to children in the hospital, to the elderly or others in your church who are ill or infirm, or to our soldiers overseas.
  • Be a friend to people near you. Make a treat for a family member, include that classmate who gets left out of group activities, or helps someone with a chore. Everyone has troubles- try to lighten someone else’s burden.
  • Be kind to everyone, but choose your closest friends wisely. It’s easy to be lazy and let others chose you- be sure you really choose them too.
  • Be a friend to your close friends. Be honest, stay trustworthy, and listen to them. Be a treasure for them.
  • Pray for your friends- praying for and with your friends keeps them close to your heart and opens up your relationship to let God inside it with you.

Friends are a shelter for us during the hard times of our lives. By being open and kind to others you can be a shelter for them, too.

Lord, help me to reach out to others with Your love.

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