One Good Thought: A Cup of Tea

“Stand on the edge of the abyss of despair and when you feel that it is beyond your strength, break off and have a cup of tea.”  + Archimandrite Sophrony 

Yesterday was “Blue Monday” – statistically the most depressing day of the year.

Blue Monday is blue for some people just because they’re tired of the dreary winter, but others have darker struggles.

Many struggle with depressing thoughts. Disappointments and losses sadden us. Those ‘might’ve beens’ and ‘should’ve beens’ can hurt us while blinding us to the good things that are real in our lives.

In addition to situational sad thoughts, we might have a “dark night of the soul” when we feel that God is not listening to us, that He is disinterested, or that His only answer to our prayers is “No” or worse- no answer.

A cup of tea seems a tepid response to this, but maybe the tea represents much more.

The cup of tea may be a simple call back to reality. Sometimes our thoughts – those middle of the night thoughts that have no resolution and are based on false assumptions – are damaging to us and we need to break from thinking them. Step away from despair and into a warm kitchen for the reality of a comforting hot cup of tea.

Break away from blue Monday thoughts and do something practical and positive- a small task, a kind act for someone else, a prayer, a cup of tea.

Lord, help me to break from thoughts that darken my soul and take away feelings of hope. Help me to find rest in You and the simple gifts you have given me. Thank you for the grace and real hope You give to restore and heal  my weary soul.

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