Mommy & Me (And Daddy Too): Importance of Programing in Early Childhood Development

As Orthodox Christians we bless our children (and his/her mother) 40 days after their birth. Why don’t we move one step further and welcome the spiritual development of young children and families from the time of birth?

The development of a child begins the moment it is born, as we begin to teach and impress upon the child what we know will keep them healthy, happy, and most successful. This pattern of development causes growth both mentally and physically, and will have implications on the child for years to come. Each and every stage of a child’s life requires a different approach and various methods. However, with the right compilation of resources, the time spent in each stage and the transition between will go smoothly ensuring understanding for years to come.  This is why FLM has begun offering Mommy n Me & Daddy too resources to our Orthodox communities.

​In fact, studies have shown “that providing a high quality education for children before they turn five yields significant long-term benefits” The benefits can range from inspiring children in their educational journeys to providing the fundamental characteristics that lead to long marriages, successful employment, and so on. Designing a program that caters to the needs of students at each stage in their lives and allows their brain to develop is crucial.

This is where your church can get involved.

Research has proven that “connections that are used become permanent. “If a child receives little stimulation early on, the synapses will not develop, and the brain will make fewer connections.” With the right program, brain development and other areas, like social skills and creativity, will be stimulated and benefit the child immensely.

This is why it is in our best interest to ensure that the children in our lives have the best and most innovative tools to further their growth. The benefits are numerous and begin with proactive adults and end with the transformation of the youth and their minds. Even more importantly, with the educational development comes a responsible adult who can continue the cycle of learning for generations to come. The most responsible step we can take is to implement a program that will allow individuals at any skill level to guide the children in their development.

These resources accumulated and distributed will help young families for today’s generation and ones to come.



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