Message from His Eminence Metropolitan ALEXIOS on Mother’s Day


“Her children shall rise up and call her blessed…” – Proverbs 31:28

This weekend we have the opportunity to celebrate a special day dedicated to our mothers. Of course, there are many reasons we should honor them — for the sacrificial, unselfish love they have given us, all the loving care they have given us, for all the prayers they have prayed for us, and for all the sleepless nights they have spent worrying about us throughout our lives.

In honoring our earthly mothers on Mother’s Day, let us also honor the Theotokos, the model of motherhood.  Our Lord held a special place in His heart for His Blessed Mother. She was the only person with Him throughout his entire life on Earth: from birth to death to Resurrection to Ascension. They had the unique bond that only a mother and a child have. Even when our Lord was hanging on the cross in agony and near death, he was concerned for His mother, and gave her into the care of St. John, At His darkest hour, our Lord showed all of us today how important it is to take care of and love our mothers

After all, aren’t all our mothers special to us, forever in our hearts and minds? When we are young, we simply and naturally love our mothers, but as we get older, we begin to understand the treasure of a mother’s love. This is why we should take time to give thanks to God for the mothers He has given us and for the special role He has chosen for them.

With these thoughts, I wish all our mothers Χρονια πολλα and a blessed and joyous Mother’s Day! As we honor our mothers, both living and reposed, we pray that God will bless all mothers, and will keep in blessed remembrance our mothers who have gone before us. Let us never take our mothers for granted, but love them and care for them, with genuinely thankful hearts, not only on this one day but always!


Metropolitan of Atlanta

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