Meet your clergy: Archimandrite Christodoulos


We are pleased to introduce a vital member of our clergy, who we feel should be known to a much wider audience.

Archimandrite Christodoulos (Papadeas), a graduate of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (’86, ’07) was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He graduated from Cal State Northridge (Dec ’80) with a Bachelors degree in business.

After graduation, he worked as a graphic designer with Walt Disney Studios (1981-83), and as the Youth Director of St Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Church in Pasadena, California (1986-87). In 1989 he took his monastic vows at Archangel Michael Monastery in Rhodes Greece, before being ordained to the the holy priesthood in 1992.

He was made a Spiritual Father and Archimandrite in 1994. He was sent to Denver in 1999 to begin a monastery (the Brotherhood of Saint George ~ Hesychasteirion) which continues to serve the people of Denver.

He served part of the Metropolis of New Zealand from 2006-11. Under Metropolitan Alexios, he serves our Metropolis of Atlanta as IEROKYRIX (Preacher/Confessor) since September 2012, traveling from parish to parish.

He can be reached on Facebook by searching: Priest Monk Christodoulos, and can be contacted by Email

He would like to leave us with an amusing, yet profound reflection from the desert fathers.
There once was a monk who complained to his Gheronda that “So-and-so monk stole something from my cell.” “What to do?” said the Elder, “Be patient.”

Two weeks later the accused came to the Gheronda, “So and so thinks I took something from his room and he’s not speaking to me.” “What to do?” replied the Elder, “Be patient.”
Some weeks later the accused again came to the Abbot, “I can’t take it Gheronda. So and so still doesn’t speak to me. He thinks I stole that thing from his cell and he scurries away whenever he sees me coming. I heard he even changed the locks on his room. He even sees me in one line going up for holy communion and he goes to the other! I can’t take it! I tell you – I can’t take it!”

The gentle spiritual father inquired, “Alright, listen to me,” said the Gheronda, “you’ve done other sins in your life, haven’t you?”

The monk hung his head, “Of course, Gheronda, you know that.” “Well then,” the father continued, “why don’t you just consider this hardship retribution for some other sin you got away with? Then you’ll be able to bear it! If you really want to fulfill the law of Christ’s love – you’ll go to your brother and ask his forgiveness.”

“But Gheronda I didn’t steal anything from him! I don’t even know where his cell is!”

The wise Elder continued, “I know, I know. But Christ willingly went on the Cross. And he didn’t do anything wrong at all! Why don’t you go. I’ll tell you his room number. Get on your knees. Knock at your brother’s door. And when he comes, ask his forgiveness.”

The obedient monk humbly acquiesced, “May it be blessed.” He went. Got on his knees. Knocked and bowed his head. When his brother opened the door – O the wonder! Before the accused could open his mouth, the other monk cried out for joy, “O my brother! I’m so glad you came! I found that thing under my bed!”

What shall we do?  The proud shall be laid low and the humble shall be exalted. 

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