Meet the Team: Nick Kostopoulos

Many of you who have attended an event sponsored by FLM in the past few months have exchanged emails with Nick Kostopoulos–and apparently, just as many have wondered exactly where this “Nick Kostopoulos” is.

Firstly, don’t worry, and secondly, I hope you’re not disappointed: I am neither imaginary, nor am I trying to give myself some mystique. Since I am a wheelchair user, I make sporadic trips up to the DRC, which is why most of you have dealt with me over the phone or via email.

Paula Marchman asked me to take the opportunity to at least help you put you a face to a name.

A face

A face

I graduated from the University of Southern California in May of 2012, with a BFA in Writing for Screen and Television. Born and raised as a member of Annunciation Cathedral in Atlanta, GA, I moved back home from LA to Atlanta shortly after graduation.

Come this April, I will have been working with Family Life Ministry for a year, updating the website, and corresponding with retreat & seminar attendees, as well as writers and interview subjects. I have two short films produced to my credit, with a third in pre-production, and am at work on my first novel.

I am gratefully for the opportunities this work has given me to serve the Church, and my neighbor as well. I hope to meet many of you in in the future.

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