Make Ready, O Manger: Advent Reflections – November 21 (The Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple)

The Theotokos is brought to God in a beautiful procession with lighted candles, singing and dancing and joy to the King of kings into the Holy of Holies!

How do we approach God in prayer?

When David brought the ark (a type of the Theotokos) into Jerusalem, he did it naked, leaping and dancing “with shouts and the sound of the trumpets” (2 Sam. 6).

Does this sound like us as we go to pray?

Do we have this level of self-forgetfulness, exuberant joy, or excitement?

Do we want to be there in the presence of God?

If not, what’s going on with the heart?

Is the heart with God and aligned with His will or indifferent, pursuing earthly things, far from Him?

“Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name.” (Psalm 100)

If we love God like Joachim and Anna, the Theotokos and David, then this is how we should enter into the presence of God.

May we all show this deep, joyful love from our hearts for our King as we approach Him in prayer this day and every day of our lives.

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