Kindred Spirits: V.I.P. (Very Interesting People) Club (St. Demetrios, Daytona, FL)

The fifth interview in our new “Kindred Spirits” series shines a spotlight on the V.I.P. (Very Interesting People) Club of St. Demetrios in Daytona, FL. We spoke with recording secretary Nancy Laskos.

FLM: How long has your group been active?

Nancy: Our Senior ministry, the V.I.P. (Very Interesting People) Club of St. Demetrios Church, Daytona Beach, FL, was formed in 1999.

FLM: How often does your group meet, and what are your current membership numbers?

Nancy: We meet on the first Tuesday of each month, unless there is a conflict with another church activity. Our current membership is approximately 50.

FLM: Can you give us some highlights of your group’s yearly activities?

Nancy: We alternate activities between the church hall and local outings. This year we have visited museums, the nearby Coptic Orthodox Church for a lunch and informative tour, and local restaurants. Our meetings include: reciting the Lord’s Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance,  reports from secretary and treasurer, discussions of possible future activities, celebration of birthdays, sending get-well or sympathy cards to members as needed, and lunch. Sometimes activities include games. We have an annual Christmas luncheon at a local restaurant, during which we contribute gifts to needy children. We also have some form of entertainment, such as singing carols. This July we had an Independence Day picnic, attended by 30 members, and including singing patriotic songs.

FLM: Within the life the church, where do you feel our senior citizens can contribute the most?

Nancy:  Senior citizens can contribute to the activity of the church by participating in other church ministries and events, such as the annual Festival, sponsoring coffee hours, and advising as needed.

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