Kindred Spirits: The Primetimers (Christ the Savior, Bluff City, TN)

The second interview in our new “Kindred Spirits” series shines a spotlight on the Prime Timers from the parish of Christ the Savior in Bluff City, TN. We spoke with parishioner Kathi Clement.

FLM: How long has your group been active?

Kathi Clement: The Primetimers (open to all parishioners, age 50 and up) have been active since January, 2014. We do not refer to ourselves as Senior Citizens; we are Mature Adults.

Our Mission: To stimulate the spiritual, social and interpersonal interaction of our members aged 50 and over in a loving and comfortable environment through Orthodox based fellowship.

Our PurposeAn Adult Ministry that brings members together for worship, education, service and fellowship through book reading, discussions, outings and luncheons, fundraising and shut-in visitation.

This ministry provides the opportunity for our aged 50+ parishioners to get together with friends, meet new people, enjoy fellowship over coffee, as well as plan enjoyable events and lunches. These activities are also meant to be informative, service-oriented, interesting and fun.

FLM: How often does your group meet?

Kathi: Originally, the group was meeting monthly on a weekday, but that was perhaps too often. After our summer hiatus, we will re-visit the meeting frequency; bi-monthly or quarterly on a week-end may be more practical.

FLM: What is the group’s current membership numbers?

Kathi: We have 14 registered members. Events are open to spouses or sometimes all parishioners.

FLM: Can you give us some highlights of your group’s yearly activities?

  •  Guest Speaker: Senior Nursing Specialist Topic: Senior Health and Taking Care of Yourself
  • Guest Speaker: Presbytera Topic: The Role of the Priest’s Wife
  • Guest Speaker: Occupational Therapist Topic: Exercises and stretching for older adults
  • Book club
  • Weeded Church garden
  • Pot Luck luncheons
  • Had lunch or dinner at several restaurants owned by parishioners
  • Icon Tour at local Episcopal Church
  • Signed and sent greeting cards to our shut-ins
  • Signed and gave Christmas cards to the Red Cross for distribution to the military

FLM: Within the life the church, where do you feel our senior citizens can contribute the most?

Kathi: Mature Adults have a lot to offer to the church.

  • They have a lot of life and business experience and come from a variety of backgrounds.
  • They are excellent resources for administrative tasks that requires organization or a different type of thought process.
  • They can start ministries.
  • They are excellent mentors.
  • They can be outreach ambassadors.
  • They can be members of the Strategic Planning Committee.
  • They can teach Sunday School.
  • They look after young children in the Nursery, so parents can attend Liturgy.

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