Kindred Spirits: The PrimeTimers (Holy Trinity-Holy Cross, Birmingham, AL)

The first interview in our new “Kindred Spirits” series shines a spotlight on the Prime Timers from the parish of Holy Trinity-Holy Cross in Birmingham, AL. Penny Kovakas is the head of the Outreach & Evangelism Committee (under the direction of of Fr. Paul Costopoulos, Dean of the Cathedral and Fr. James Kordaris, Director of Stewardship, Outreach & Evangelism from New York).

FLM: How long has your group been active?

Penny: We started in 2009 recruiting volunteers for our Outreach & Evangelism Committee.  We presently have 103 volunteers in our committee.  We have 12 Ministries which we try to fulfill with the help and grace of God.

FLM: How often do the senior citizens meet?

Penny: We meet with our seniors once a month.  We try to pick a feast day when they can come to church and plan a meal afterwards with either activity or just fellowship.

FLM: What is the group’s current membership numbers?

Penny: The seniors average about 25 to 30 depending on health and weather.

FLM: Can you give us some highlights of your group’s yearly activities?

Penny: We have offered to our seniors the following programs:

  • After a feast day liturgy, we offer lunch with a special Fitness & Wellness Session and Nutrition Session
  • Gatherings for lunch and fellowship
  • Teaching Introduction to Bridge
  • Dancing  lessons
  • A movie (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”)
  • Family Outreach Sunday Luncheon, with Photos of their Godchildren.

FLM: Within the life the church, where do you feel our senior citizens can contribute the most?

Penny: Their witness to the Orthodox faith.  Their presence among us at liturgy.  Their wisdom and knowledge of the Orthodox faith.

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