Joyful Noise: Your Hand in Mine

(c) 2015 ||

(c) 2015 ||

Lately, my middle child has gotten into an interesting habit during evening prayers.

When I say the “Our Father,” with the kids at night, I customarily lift both hands, (if I’m not holding my littlest in my arms).

Shortly after the prayer begins, Lucas likes to move and stand directly in front of me, almost pressing against me, and puts his hands just inside my uplifted ones. He holds them there, inside mine.

He says the prayer with me.

His hands pray with my hands.

We both lift up our supplication to God.

It took a few times for me to see that this motion was a mirror of the icon of the Theotokos “Of the Sign,” with her two hands lifted in prayer.

It’s as though every time we on earth lift our hands in prayer, we put our hands inside hers, and pray together.

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