Joyful Noise: Touch Base with Church


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Touch can be overlooked in its importance in Orthodox worship sometimes, even though it’s one of the distinctive parts of our practice in worship. Yes, we kiss the icons, but have we thought about how when you walk into a church, you’re literally playing a game of “touch base’?

Irene, my two-year-old, often orbits me like a comet–exploring away from me as she follows her curiosity and then ultimately returning closer to me to make sure I’m still there. She’s checking on me, and anchoring herself. It’s a miniature version of tag.

And what does “touching base” mean? In the game of tag, it’s where you’re safe, where no one can “get” you–you are protected no matter what. You regain your energy and you can make your plans for the next thing. Often, you arrive at base after having run away from your opponent in a mad rush. You’re breathless and watching them circle you. They’re anxious to give chase again once you dare let go of base.

Touch base with church, and you can work to stop Satan in his tracks. He’s circling all of us, chasing us, and we need to catch our breath.

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