Joyful Noise: Time Well Spent

(c) 2016 ||

(c) 2016 ||

Time invested in your own spiritual health is never wasted. Our culture doesn’t celebrate the slow build of daily action that is spurred on without a crisis to begin it. Persistence in your spiritual health is quiet, and often boring. There’s no fanfare for brushing your teeth every day; there’s no fanfare for saying your evening prayers every day. Our culture rewards us with fanfare for the flashy things that don’t necessarily help us.

Recently, I accepted a physical challenge to “plank” for 60 seconds every day. After I reached the point where I could achieve it easily, my trainer friend said, “Good, now do add 1 second. When that gets easy, add another second.” It doesn’t sound like much, she said, but sooner or later you find yourself able to do it for a whole other minute.

The slow build can work wonders. The slow build strengthens you in ways you didn’t expect. But it’s not instantaneous.

So, quietly, slowly, daily invest in your spiritual health. Read scripture. Pray. Fast. All under the guidance of the church. Don’t expect fanfare, but trust that the investment in your spiritual health is worthwhile. You may not even get to see the fruits of your own work. But it’s not about the fruits, or about receiving praise. It’s about drawing near to God and finding joy. Find joy. Invest in your spiritual health. It’s time well spent.

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