Joyful Noise: Things I Wish I’d Done: Nativity Edition

c) 2014 Jocelyn Mathewes / used with permission

c) 2014 Jocelyn Mathewes / used with permission

Life with small children doesn’t bode well for my memory.  Birthday cards are often late, and my festal preparations are sometimes last-last-last-minute. I’m tardy to liturgy even though I set an alarm for myself to leave plenty of time for us to get there.

So in the vein of being late and in the hope of planning better for next time, here are some things I wish I had started at the beginning of the Nativity Fast:

I wish I’d thought through our calendar plans and family activities for Nativity back in October, instead of worrying about Halloween costumes, or whatever else I was worried about at the time.

I wish I’d spoken with my spiritual father about fasting and reading materials during the fast; I have a strong feeling I’d feel like less of a Grinch, and more enriched at this point in time.

I wish I’d looked around more intentionally for local service opportunities in which my entire family could participate; this season is an opportunity to open your eyes to the poor, instead of making lists of things to do or buy.

I wish I’d made better plans with family and friends for exchanging gifts of time and presence, and coached the children to focus on meaningful gift-giving. That way our gift exchange can truly imitate and honor of the greatest Gift we receive: Christ Himself.

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