Joyful Noise: The Wave of Worship

(c) 2016 ||

(c) 2016 ||

Have you ever thought about the many Christians around the world, and what they do on a Sunday? Have you wondered at the thought that a wave of worship moves across the globe at least once a week?

It’s a beautiful thing, this wave. It moves in unison to create a crescendo of praise. But when a part of the wave moves out of sync, the motion isn’t fluid and enjoyable; it becomes choppy and rough.

The same is true of our wave of worship. We’ve got to move in sync–beginning together, communing together, ending together. Our presence and timeliness matters. Our participation makes the crescendo happen.

Sometimes those little ones drag their feet. Sometimes it just seems to take a few extra minutes to get yourself together. But it’s so worth it to make the effort to get there on time, even if it fails. Don’t give up. Try everything — a little extra buffer time, a slightly earlier wake-up call, laying out clothes the night before — and keep trying.

God honors the effort, your spirit will benefit, and whether or not you feel it your small and personal efforts absolutely do make the wave of praise around the globe that much more potent and beautiful.

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