Joyful Noise: The Small Gifts

(c) 2016 ||

The other day my youngest daughter handed me a tiny sliver of paper, roughly triangular, about the size of a thumbnail.

“Mama, look!” she exclaimed, “It’s a heart! I cut it out and made it so tiny just for you!

By any adult judgment, this sliver of paper did not qualify as a “heart,” or much of anything, for that matter. A passerby who saw it on the ground would think it trash.

But I know better. It represents her supreme effort with her fingers. It shows me her learning. It shows me how eager she is to share her victories with me. And it’s important that I take the time to recognize when she is giving me her rough-hewn gifts; I must accept them with gratitude and joy, to treasure and honor them. Showing my gratitude and enthusiasm teaches them generosity in spirit and rewards their effort.

Because someday her gifts will not be rough and crude in shape. Someday, her gifts wll be extremely valuable, and my desire is that she give as freely as she receives (Matthew 10:8).

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