Joyful Noise: The Runaway Bunny


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One of my favorite books for kids is The Runaway Bunny. In it, a young bunny decides to run away from his mother bunny. In a series of furtive attempts, the little bunny becomes a mountain climber, only to discover that his mother has become “a rock on the mountain high above” him. He decides to hide and becomes a crocus in a hidden garden, and his mother replies, “Then I will become a gardener and find you.”

It goes on. Frustrated, the little bunny gives up and says, “I might as well just sit here and be your litle bunny.”

This perfectly describes God’s love.

I spend all day running, running, running, away. I fill my mind with other things. I allow myself to become immersed in so much nonsense and activity. Yet God is there, no matter what, ready for me to sit down and make my home with him. I might as well just be his little child.

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