Joyful Noise: The Mountain Shrouded

(c) 2015||

(c) 2015||

Picture a mountain whose summit is shrouded in fog. You are required to ascend.

How are you going to get there? How can you prepare for what you can’t see?

Perhaps you could try to find measuring instruments that penetrate the fog. You could purchase a trail guide and read the descriptions for what might lie ahead. You might go to an outdoor store and ask someone who knows about getting ready for a hike in the wilderness. And, last but not least, you might seek out articles on the internet, or even ask all your Facebook friends who might know a thing or two. Perhaps it’s as simple as asking those who have been there before. Maybe you even ask someone to come along with you.

Am I talking about a hike, or am I talking about your spritual walk?

I’m talking about both.

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