Joyful Noise: The Holy Week Dialogues

(c) 2016 ||

(c) 2016 ||

Explaining the complicated theological implications of liturgy to a toddler is a creative challenge, and very instructive in principles of teaching others about the faith.

“Mama, what happened to you?” My littlest girl was truly puzzled. She asked me this several times after I had my feet washed at the Holy Thursday liturgy. “The priest cleaned my dirty feet! It was a very good thing to do.” Keep it short and simple.

Also at the taking down service, she saw the giant icon of Christ nailed to the cross and then asked me, “Who gave him his owie?” After a moment of thinking, I answered, “Everyone.” She wasn’t at the level to understand history and passage of time, but being in that place meant that she could understand the spiritual level. Meet people at their level.

In line for communion, she goes to cross her arms and starts flailing them in frustration instead, “Mama, can you cross my hands for me?” I gently take her arms and fold them, right over left. Sometimes we all need guidance from others.

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